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As registered paediatric health care professionals, many extended health care plans recognize and cover the cost of our sleep consultant services (ask your extended health care provider if Occupational Therapy is covered. Your health care spending account may also recognize occupational therapy). OT services maybe claimed as a medical expense on income tax as recognized by Canada Revenue Agency.

The Cost


Our package price of $625 includes your consultation, report and sleep plan and telephone / email follow up.

Many extended health care plans offer occupational therapy coverage. Check with your insurer to see if they cover occupational therapy. 

OT services may be claimed as a medical expense on income tax as recognized by Canada Revenue Agency.

We bill in accordance with the College of Occupational Therapists and current billing rates.  


Newborn baby sleeping

You can schedule a seminar for parents at your preschool or community group.

Many parents of young children encounter difficulty with getting their little ones to fall asleep or stay asleep. Sleep is important for children’s health and development. Lack of sleep in children is known to cause learning and memory deficits resulting in difficulty attaining age appropriate milestones for younger children and poor academic performance in school aged children. Whether you are struggling with your child’s sleep habits or you are an expectant mom who wants to know how to establish healthy sleep habits right from the beginning, a registered Occupational Therapist from Sleepdreams Professional Sleep Consultants will speak about the latest research on sleep for infants and toddlers, the importance of sleep for children, and tips to help their child sleep better. 

Topics normally discussed are: 

  • Common sleep problems and solutions 
  • Research and literature 
  • 5 areas of good sleep habits 
  • Strategies used to address sleep disturbances 
  • Questions and answers 

"The workshop was excellent!  Both the infant-toddler facilitator and the parents had great feedback about the information provided and thought Courtney was a great speaker.  We will most certainly be connecting again in the next academic year to invite Courtney back!"  Mrs. Tiffany Goulding
Head of School
North Star Montessori


"Courtney joins our program periodically at our Infant Family Night for the Burnaby Infant Development Program, and has subsequently served our families individually.  Her presentation is always well tailored to our crowd, and she manages to get her points through a busy chatty bunch of families gathering for a meal.  Families always have questions for her, and she's happy to answer either in a group setting or one on one.  Courtney provides clear guidelines on what families should expect out of their children's sleep - and lots of tips and tricks.  Courtney has gone above and beyond, even emailing information for one busy twin mom who wasn't able to make it to our presentation, but had some specific sleep questions.  Courtney is experienced and comfortable in assisting a wide range of children, including those with extra needs.  Thank you Courtney, we hope you'll keep joining us regularly."

 Krista Moldowan
Senior Manager of Children and Family Services and  Infant Development Consultant

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