Getting our Kids more Active

Written by Sleepdreams. Posted in Age Appropriate Activities

Appropriate sleep for your baby or child can be encouraged with proper exercise. Help your toddler or child to get more sleep by getting them more active. Kids need to be moving more. A sedentary life at an early age hinders a lot more than just your child’s ability to get a good night’s sleep.

Extensive research has been done on how much activity small children should be getting. The research comes from CSEP, The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (do you remember ParticiPACTION in school?) in conjunction with Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute and Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group (CHEO-HALO). They have been concerned regarding the sedentary lifestyles that many of our youngsters seem to be living. As a result, the first Canadian set of physical-activity guidelines for the early years, outlining just how much infants and toddlers need to move for optimum health and development, was released in late March 2012. The guidelines include the following: