Book a Seminar on Sleep for Infants and Children

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Many parents of young children encounter difficulty with getting their little ones to fall asleep or stay asleep. Sleep is important for children’s health and development. Lack of sleep in children is known to cause learning and memory deficits resulting in difficulty attaining age appropriate milestones for younger children and poor academic performance in school aged children. Whether you are struggling with your child’s sleep habits or you are an expectant mom who wants to know how to establish healthy sleep habits right from the beginning, a registered Occupational Therapist from Sleepdreams Professional Sleep Consultants will speak about the latest research on sleep for infants and toddlers, the importance of sleep for children, and tips to help their child sleep better.

Topics normally discussed are:

  • Common sleep problems and solutions
  • Research and literature
  • 5 areas of good sleep habits
  • Strategies used to address sleep disturbances
  • Questions and answers

Seminars are approximately 2 hours and include a Q&A session.

Contact us to book an informative Seminar on sleep for infants and children for your organization, daycare, or group of interested parents in the Greater Vancouver Area.

About the speaker:

Courtney Hall, mother of two very active boys, has practiced paediatric occupational therapy in community-based early intervention services, and in clinical and school settings in private practice. Courtney has furthered her education in the area of sensory integration, and applies this knowledge towards its impact on sleep and other activities of daily living of children. She graduated from Thompson Rivers University with a Bachelor of Science (2004) and from UBC with a Master of Occupational Therapy (2007). Courtney believes that working with children and their families is about building a partnership, and goals should be meaningful and functional to the whole family.