Attached and Healthy

Written by Jennifer Garden. Posted in Healthy Kids

Your approach to your child's sleep can be dependent on your parenting style. Even if children are sleeping they still need to feel áttached'to you. A baby under the age of 6 months should always be attended to. Good sleep hygiene can begin prior to 6 months but only insofar as establishing good bedtime routines and avoiding negative sleep associations. Contact one of our sleep help experts to find out more and discuss appropriate sleep help to suit your child and your parenting style.

If your child is older and going through separation anxiety, it will be important for you to talk to them during the day. Tell them that you look at them, watch them, and check on them when they are asleep. You can tell them “Mommy saw you sleeping last night and you looked so peaceful.” or “You smiled in your sleep last night.”

Young children don’t yet have a good grasp on verbal language skills until around 18 months. For these kids you will need to be present for them and help them to calm down when it's time for bed. You will also need to set firm boundaries around sleep as your actions “speak louder than words”, or rather, your actions are the words at this stage. Be consistent. Consistency helps as your child is trying to understand what you are asking of them. If you keep changing the routine, your child will have a tougher time figuring out what’s expected.