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As professional sleep consultants under the guidance of Jennifer Garden, our paediatric OT’s work with you, your parenting style and your goals for your child’s sleep. Some parents want to co-bed with their baby. Some want to co-room and some parents want their child to sleep in their own bed in their own room. You may want sleep help transitioning your child from your room into theirs. Singletons, twins and multiples can present additional challenges to sleep, all of which are addressed in our consultation.

The OT works with parents and children. We help you create and achieve your own goals for sleep. Some parents are happy to get up a few times per night. Some parents want their child to sleep through the night uninterrupted. You may be rocking, nursing or cuddling your child to sleep and need to develop a gentle way to teach your child to fall asleep and sleep through the night independently. We customize the plan to your goals and conduct paediatric assessments to identify and help eliminate other sleep disturbance causes that other ‘sleep consultants’ can’t do. We also help parents on realistic and age appropriate milestones related to sleep. Rest assured we support attachment parenting to ensure your child is capable, confident, and achieving goals at their own pace.

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