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As Registered Occupational Therapists, many extended health care plans recognize and cover the cost of our services. Ask your extended health care provider if they cover Occupational Therapy services. If your health care coverage includes an “expense account” then OT services should be covered within that umbrella of registered health care providers. In certain circumstances we will do hourly consultations at a billable rate of $125./hour in line with our association’s guidelines Private Practice Fee Survey for Occupational Therapists in BC. Occupational therapy services may be claimed under medical expense on your income tax.

A complete SleepdreamsTM sleep consultation is $595.00 and is based on the considerable hours the OT spends on each file. It includes travel time for a home visit from a registered occupational therapist, scoring assessments, writing report, reviewing the plan and up to an hour’s follow up time. Additional follow up time is billed at $125./hour. Travel time over one hour is subject to a pro-rated fee. If you have more than one child in your home, we adjust the fees accordingly. Trust you are receiving a quality professional service at a competitive price for a registered health care professional (OT).

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