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SleepdreamsTM has been receiving accolades for their sleep consultation services. Paediatric sleep help by registered health care professionals has made all the difference.


Charlene, Scott, and Spencer:

"Thank you Karen for all your help. We needed your insight and guidance to help us with a better sleep routine for Spencer. With the information and ideas you provided us, we now have less struggles, a much better sleeping routine and more restful nights. You also gave my husband and I our evenings back since we are not spending several hours putting a toddler to bed! Thank you again for your help!


Lorraine and Illya, parents of 15 month old son:

 "Since the first contact, Sleep Dreams and Jennifer Garden have been a fantastic resource to help deal with my son’s sleep difficulties. She discussed my concerns right away on the phone and we were able to quickly set up an assessment. I really appreciate that she met my husband, son, and me in our home to see how everything is set up. Jennifer was so fantastic because she recognized not only my husband’s and my professional backgrounds (we both work in health care) but also the fact that we had read an enormous amount on sleep in trying to find solutions. Jennifer helped us navigate the often conflicting information and set up a plan that would work for our son and our family. The plan incorporated the specific needs of our son and his personality as well as our family’s values as opposed to many of the “cookie cutter” solutions I have read online and in books. Jennifer supported all the ideas in her plan with research and I felt very comfortable that we had found someone I could trust. After putting the plan into place, Jennifer remained in contact with me and was receptive to email questions when there were breakdowns or things did not go as planned. She always answered quickly with practical solutions and called if she felt we would benefit from more discussion. I will continue to seek Jennifer’s guidance as we navigate the different stages of our son’s sleep and, if needed, for the new baby on the way. I will recommend Jennifer and Sleep Dreams to any of my friends who are struggling to put effective sleep solutions in place. I cannot thank Jennifer enough."


Katrina, Dan, & Torin:

"I just wanted to share a quick update with you regarding Torin and his sleep, since Karen's help a couple of months ago. The sleep consulting helped tremendously, since the third night of progressive wait Torin has been sleeping through the night pretty consistently! As would be expected there have been a few bumps in the road, as I'm sure there will continue to be, but most nights he sleeps from 6.30pm-6.30am. Its really amazing to see the progress that can be made with a few simple changes. His naps have come together well too and are really quite consistent. I'm so pleased that we contacted you and did this before he starts daycare next week - its such a relief to know we can all get some good sleep at last! Thanks for everything :)"


Diana, mom of 1 year old twin boys:

“Before contacting Sleep Dreams I had spoken to a couple different sleep consultants. Both of which had the same cookie cutter philosophy which was basically "let them cry it out". I knew this method of sleep training wouldn't be the answer to the sleep problems we were having with our twins. Then I spoke to Jennifer and I immediately knew she was the answer we had been looking for.”


Carly and Steve were having problems getting their son to sleep for naps and sleeping through the night. Here’s what Carly had to say after using our services:

"I contacted Jennifer when my son was 4.5 months old. I was drawn to Jennifer because she is a health care professional. I am not aware of any other consultant with her impressive background. Jennifer responded to my initial email enquiry immediately and once we made the decision to work with Jennifer we were able to schedule a visit in my home within a few days. I found Jennifer to be caring, compassionate and understanding of the needs of our son and family. Jennifer worked with me to establish my sleep plan goals for our son and there was follow up to make sure they were met. We were able to claim a portion of Jennifer's services under our extended medical insurance plan. I would highly recommend Jennifer to any family!" 


Allison and Ted, parents to Maggie and Theo, 7 month twins. They were concerned about their sleep and were rocking and soothing them to sleep. They wanted a paediatric assessment to ensure there weren’t any underlying causes for the twins’ sleep disturbances and a gentle plan to get them on track. Here’s what Allison had to say:

"As Mom to twins I was desperate for my babies to sleep well. We were retrieving my daughter's soother almost hourly through the night, getting up horribly early with my son, and daytime naps were all over the place and usually much too short to be restorative for any of us. Jen inspired us right away and results came quickly. Her experience with her own twins as well as her years as an occupational therapist in pediatrics give her a wide range of knowledge to draw on and as a new Mother that was very reassuring to me. Sleep issues can be so painful and Jennifer brings a sense of humor into your home which I for one, can't do without! I highly recommend her." 


Parveen was rocking and feeding her 9 month son to sleep. She wanted to ensure that she was meeting her son’s nutritional needs as mentored by a paediatric health care professional and develop a plan which wasn’t ‘cry it out’. Here’s what she said about our services:

"I don't know where to start. We first met Jennifer when Tristan was 4.5 months old. We wanted to find someone who didn't use the CRY it out method. My husband and I were exhausted. We were rocking him to sleep and then he would wake up at least 2-3 times at night. The most difficult part was when he did wake up in the middle of the night it would take up to 2 hrs to get him to stop crying. We would give in and give him the bottle to soothe on to stop him from crying. Regarding his naps we would end up rocking him up to 30 mins and then find he would get up 15 mins later. He was rolling when he was nine weeks, crawling when he was 5 months and walking when he was 7 months- all these milestones took a toll on his sleep. BUT Jen helped us so much, we got past all these hurdles of him being an active child. It only took up 3 days to get him to self soothe and sleep thru the night. Well now my son is a happy healthy 9 month old. He sleeps roughly 11 hrs at night. Goes to bed between 7-7:30pm and gets up between 6-7 am (we have to wake him up sometimes) lol. He takes 2 naps usually a 2 hr in the morning and 1.5 hrs in the afternoon. The best part of this sleep therapy is that it was covered by my extended insurance. I would recommend Jen to anyone who needs a little sleep for themselves and their baby:)." 


Kristina & Mark from North Vancouver, BC called us for help with their son. He had to be nursed to sleep and would wake frequently at night. Naps were a problem too. Here’s what Kristina has to say about our services:

"Before we contacted Jennifer, our son Connor would not fall asleep at night without being nursed to sleep. He would then awake every 3 hours in the night and needed to be nursed to fall back asleep. For his daytime naps he would only nap in his stroller and had to always be moving for the entire nap, if we stopped he would wake. After Jennifer came into our home to assess Connor and his surroundings, we were given a very comprehensive and tailor-made sleep training program for Connor. She also included a very helpful feeding and sleep schedule and several useful recommendations. We literally saw results the first night –- it was amazing how quickly he seemed adjust. After training, Connor puts himself to sleep within minutes in the crib (with absolutely no help from us!)  At night, he is sleeping for at least 11 hours and quickly puts himself back to sleep if necessary. From the first day we contacted Jennifer she has been encouraging, supportive and responded to our questions and concerns almost immediately. We are so pleased with Connor’s success. It has completely changed our lives and we have a much happier baby!! (Not to mention, a happier mom and dad) Jennifer helped us so much I would recommend her to everyone! Thank you very much again, Jennifer!!!"


Sue and James contacted us for help with their son. Here’s what Sue had to say about our services:

"Working with Jen was a pleasure. She is professional, knowledgeable and compassionate. Her experience as a mother, her education and her background as an occupational therapist make her sleep plans successful and flexible. She is always willing to work with families’ feedback. 
Thank you Jen!"