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SleepdreamsTM sleep philosophies centre around research based methods, standardized paediatric assessments and balancing everything with our clients' parenting style and their own parenting beliefs.

We believe our sleep consultants are the best at offering sleep help for your child.

We believe in trust between a child and their parent. We don’t believe in closing the door on small children and letting them cry it out alone.

We believe that only health care professionals should be giving advice on feeding as it relates to sleep.

We believe in our programs and we want to assist parents to help their children learn to fall asleep on their own.

We believe in parenting with kindness. Our methods are developed here in Canada where we have longer maternity leaves than some other countries (only 12 weeks in the USA). We have the luxury of taking some extra time to teach children and promote gentler ways to get to sleep on their own.

We believe in university education specialized in health care and paediatrics.

We can help.

That’s why, as registered paediatric health care professionals, many extended health care plans recognize and cover the cost of our services. Ask your extended health care provider if Occupational Therapy is covered. OT services may be claimed as a medical expense on your income taxes, as recognized by Canada Revenue Agency.

Sleepdreams, a Vancouver based company, is proud to announce phone/skype consultations for clients in BC and Alberta. A good night’s sleep is a phone call away. Call us now at (604)985-2991,  toll free 1(877)985-2991 or email info at to book a consultation with one of our professionals.

Attention OTs: We are looking to bring on consultants in Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and other major cities in Canada. We are looking for outstanding paediatric Registered Occupational Therapists that are passionate about sleep and its importance in healthy growth and development. If you are interested in joining our team, please send us an email or call us today!