Why Hire a Registered Consultant

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“Sleep Consultant” is a generic term for someone who specializes in sleep, and is often misleading when trying to find a sleep expert. When hiring a SleepdreamsTM Registered Occupational Therapist as a sleep consultant you are hiring a professional paediatric health care provider trained and tested at the university level. You are getting the best you can for baby sleep training. Our consultants all have a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy.

Trust us with your baby, toddler, and child sleep help in BC and Alberta.

Our consultants draw upon years of experience working clinically both in hospital and community settings with infants and children. SleepdreamsTM Occupational Therapists work in areas of sleep, feeding, sensory processing, toileting, and fine and gross motor skills. They assess each child to ensure they are meeting their physical and cognitive (mental) milestones, all of which can be affected by poor sleep.

You will feel confident hiring our professionals. Through continued university research, education and clinical paediatric practice specializing in sleep, SleepdreamsTM goes even further than our Occupational Therapists’ university and work related credentials to prequalify our consultants.


As Registered Occupational Therapists, many extended health care plans recognize and cover the cost of our services.

Check with your benefits provider if Occupational Therapy is covered or if you have a health care spending account with your benefits. Sleep is key to healthy growth and development for children. It falls under the professional assessment and treatment performed by Occupational Therapists (sleep is part of your child’s occupation and an activity of daily living). If you don’t have coverage, OT services may be income tax deductible as recognized by Canada Revenue Agency.

Consider your child’s occupation or the activities of your child: Eating, swallowing, toileting, sleeping, playing/interacting, learning, moving, and talking. Occupational Therapists are specialists in normal and abnormal development in all these areas. They are trained and accredited at university level and work in schools, community (people’s homes), and hospitals. This means that if your child is having difficulty in any of these areas, an OT can help identify and provide treatment or, if necessary, provide specialized referrals.

SleepdreamsTM consultants keep up to date on current research and also participate in research. Here are some of our publications and research Jennifer Garden has contributed to:

Video: go to the 39 minute marker if you’d like to see Jennifer’s presentation at the 4th International FASD conference Trans-Disciplinary Team Approach to Sleep in Children and Adolescents with FASD: http://www.chroniccare4sleep.org/Clinical%20Tools.html